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Crop Circles


I’ve always wanted to write something about crop circles. I first read about them when I was in elementary school, and it seems that there are more and more evidences through the years.

In many cases, the crop circles are very well designed. In a few instances, the crop circles can be very complicated and beautiful. I remember seeing a BBC program about it, yeah, although they are found everywhere else in the world, the small area in England is still the meca for crop circle researchers. (don’t know who would be specialized in this, I guess we need people from multiple disciplines to work together).

The following is called “Crop Circle of the Year”.

The Farmer is charging just

10 Responses to “Crop Circles”

  1. sydney Says:

    i think croop circlies may be made by humans or not you’ll never know untill you go to heven if you belive in the lord jesus. but if not your going to hell .no lie!

  2. Henrik Says:

    I think crop circles are quite genuine. At least those who appeared over one night or day, with sounds and energy emitting\pulsating within the field.
    Crops affected by the “landing” grew to the double size and contained the double amount of energy opposed to the crops not affected.
    Could this be evidence of ET`s visiting us? I think so.
    Because there have been a lot of disclosure about the subject recently, or the UFO subject in general. France have released their UFO cases, along with a witness testemony, in wich alot of government (or ex-government) millitary personell, scientists, etc. etc. admit having worked on projects invovling UFO`s or extraterristial contact. And even civillian mass-sightinings, ocurring since the 40`s. The most known of these happened in Mexico 93 and in Belgia (along with others in UK, France, Iran, Scottland and many other countries) This is recorded by hundreds of people and I suggest you check it out. Even Buzz Aldrin (second man on the moon) who today, with almost every astronaut who have been in space or on the moon, still believes they saw several UFO`s out there. This is also video-recorded by NASA (from Apollo 11). Outstanding evidence for those who still dont believe we are alone on this planet.
    Dr. Steven M. Greer has also contributed alot in to this research, he knows alot, if not everything. His 2001 press conference being the turntable for todays disclosure. (disclosureproject.org). You should absoloutly start to investigate his work and expirience with Extraterrestals, their agenda or love for us humans and their wish (or knowing) that we will evolve to a higher plain in couinciesness and start making peace. (NOT killing eachother for natural resources or for the color of skin). Sounds farfetched? well, maybe… if it hadnt been for the evidence. I sincerely hope everyone who reads this will start to investigate this subject, even if you dont believe it. Either way you`ll find the answer.

  3. Henrik Says:

    bummer ! …sorry, thats: “Outstanding evidence for those who still believe we are alone on this planet (as visitors have been recorded here on earth too, not just in the sky or space)

    Start to look for the proving evidence!!!: video-recordings, classified\unclassfied documents, photos, testemonies etc.

    (You can find em on different sites on the web and you can order or
    buy stuff\evidence from those too)
    Just make sure its from reliable sources (government or state-property\sites, veryfing the information with documents properly\legally released).

    Well, the governments are not actualy reliable, but its gradually getting better, maybe not. Anyway, those who dont believe, may find it more reliable if it came from such a source

    Or, additionally if you dare, explore your mind in meditation, dreams or different altered states of mind like: coma, drugs (dont do drugs!, It actually gets you there! (DMT,LSD etc. The guy who found out about DNA was on LSD at the time, check it out.He was a Nobel Peacewinner) near-death expiriences, etc… learning the right stuff about such things is a step forward, wont work if your not serious….

    good luck….

    see you in 2012

  4. Mac Says:

    I am very fascinated by crop circles and Im going to write a book were the crop circles have a huge role.
    Do you have any information I should know?

  5. Tsuyoshi Wolfe Says:

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  6. Marguerite Bahrs Says:

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