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The Best of Chinese Calligraphy


Eh. This pain has tortured me for almost a month now. My productivity in terms of research has been near zero. (Maybe this is because my productivity was 200% before this, and I used up my karma for this period :-p) Yet, I can not sleep all the time for so many days, so I found something meaningful for me to do while I was waiting to get well. I remember when I was young, my parents asked me to practice and write Chinese calligraphy, the point was (and is) not to write beautiful characters, but to get a feeling of tranquility, or in other words, a peaceful mind that is harmoinzed with the body. I would say, in retrospect, this training has very deep impact on me. I enjoy a peaceful mental state, and my creativity is the highest when I can find this state of serenity. I concur with some ancient artist who once said that he was most creative when he was at 3 places: "on horse", "on pillow", and "on toilet". lantingxu So in the last month, while I was not thinking about my research, I enjoyed appreciating the calligraphy by Wang Xizhi. He was considered to be the "god of calligraphy" by many. Above is his representative work called "Lan Ting Xu" (Preface to the Proceedings of Annual Meeting of Poets in Lanting :-p). lantingxu

ps. Thanks to Gordon for pointing out a spelling mistake 

9 Responses to “The Best of Chinese Calligraphy”

  1. STCOM Says:

    Amazing, where can I buy a copy for my office?

  2. ET Says:

    I don’t know. If you read Chinese, I can give you some websites to look for it. Otherwise, it is hard.

  3. ET Says:

    For example, Here is one:

  4. XY Says:


    I guess ET may be interested in this :))

  5. ET Says:


  6. Will Says:

    It is nice, also can look at this site


  7. Siu-Leung Lee Says:

    I appreciate you quoting my work of Lan Ting Xu, but you should properly acknowledge my website at asiawind.com and include the last part with my signature and seal. Otherwise it is a violation of copyright.

  8. Felicia Says:

    Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your article post.
    I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

  9. Brian Chandler Says:

    My father spent a great deal of time in China in the 80′s and brought back several sketch’s that included depictions of the Eight Immortals. I only recently discovered that Li Tieguai, is who it is in 2 of the 3 anyway. All of the sketch’s contain some calligraphy and I am really curious to understand what is written on these sketch’s. From what I have researched so far it is written a bit differently than traditional Chinese characters and is, as you eluded to, a poetic expression and a form of art unto itself. Would you have any interest in helping me better understand what is written on these pieces?

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