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Piano Diary (4) Practicing


Due to my busy schedule in the summer. I did not get enough chances to practice.

But I managed to learn to play a few simple songs (oh, far beyond “twinkle twinkle little star”, “silent night” and “money isn’t everything”, these three appear in almost all introductory books, I could play them on the second day when I touched the piano).

I tried to practice with Czerny’s 599. I started from #11, reached the #20 in two days. They are quite easy if you use your knowledge in chords to play the left hand (my guitar experience got me some millage here).

Then I switched to play some songs I know, by adding simple left-hand rhythms. They sound amazingly nice! For example, “Everything I do, I do it for you” involves C, G, Dm, Fm. In the simplest case, pressing the 3 keys together once with the left hand in every measure gives nice sound, of course, right hand needs to play the melody, which is not hard for this song.

The next step is to practice the separation of the left and right hand. This is quite difficult for adults, because we are not trained (no other tasks need us) to use the two hands differently, especially when the keys are not hit in the same rhythm. There are two ways to deal with this: (1) play very slowly, but make it right (2) play both hands till you don’t have to think about the keys, then put them together. I found (1) is quite useful to me. (2) can be combined with (1).

Once I can play one song without any problem (usually in C), I experiment to play it in D and G. This way, I learn how to introduce the black keys, and be familiar with the sharps and flats. I’ll wait till I can play better in C to move on to add more sharps and flats.

I’ll try to put up some videos, but I simply don’t have to process a video now. To many things are going on, and there are at least 5 things reaching the deadline on Oct 3. So I’ll have to wait a little bit.

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