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Spinning Dancer


If you  see the dancer to be moving clock-wise, then you are a logical person.  If count-clock-wise, you are an artistic person. Trust me, I see it spinning both ways.   spinning.gif

8 Responses to “Spinning Dancer”

  1. ahwahk Says:

    i saw it spining both ways, then what kind of person i am?

  2. ET Says:

    Me too. It takes a while to see it spinning both ways. Once you see it, you can train your mind to see either direction.

  3. Alan Says:

    While, I saw it spinning clock wise at the first glance. (MY first glance was laid at the upper body) I stared at the dancer for about 5 seconds, asking myself, “how is it possible to perceive it spinning counter clock wise?” Then I moved the scroll down, and noticed the dancer was actually jumping while spinning, and then I saw the shadow of the foot, and then something interesting happened: I saw it spinning counter clock wise. So I went back to look at it again and again (at least 10 times), and I noticed that if my first glance was laid on the head (or upper body), I was most likely to perceive it spinning clock wise. If my fist glance was laid on the food and the shadow, then I was most likely to perceive it spinning counter clock wise. In either case, it was hard to change the perception if I just stared at the same region. But occasionally, if I blinked my eyes, and then the perception would change suddenly. After a while, I begin to see it spinning counter clock wise when my first glance was laid on the head. (I think it may due to my brain has registered the counter clock wise spinning image.) But the most important thing is that if you hadn’t mentioned the possibility of seeing the dancer spinning both ways, I would most likely walk away after seeing it spinning only one way. Now, if you may substitute those words such as “dancer,” “picture” and etc above with the word “life,” do you not find some truth then too?

    Great post! Can I please borrow this dancing lady for my upcoming blog post?


  4. ET Says:

    wow. very detailed description of the process.

    I somehow trained my self to see it the way I want it to spin. The trick is to look somewhere else on the screen, you can still see the dancer, but it’s not in focus. Then you can mentally think that the feet and shadow is spinning in the desirable direction. When you have formed that idea, you can return the focus, and the dancer would be spinning in the “right” way.

    Feel free to borrow it, I found this one in Google Image, did not check the source.

    I like your way of making it philosophical :-) Look forward to reading more about it in your new post.

  5. ange Says:

    I found if I looked a little off one side of the screen to the other but still seeing the dancer in your view, you can make the dancer go one way to the other real easy – Give it a go
    you can make the dancer change from clock-wise to counter clock-wise really quickly

  6. Jade Says:

    Me too! Saw it both way!

  7. saz Says:

    it changes all the time,its not you trying to make it change,it changes itself….but what i noticed is that when i saw it spinning anti-clockwise at first, my friend could see it spinning clock-wise….but when it changed and i saw it spinning clockwise,my friend saw it spinning anti-clockwise…which i found interesting.

  8. ritx Says:

    ARTISTIC person ;)

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