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Read Your Mind


CrystalballThis is interesting. The old man can read your mind. Just click on the picture and follow the instructions.

Basically, it will ask you to look at one number and sum up the two digits, and subtract the sum from the number. If you have 31 in mind, the sum is 4, so the final number is 27. Now just click on the ball, it will show the symbol represented by number 27.

This only works when you really think hard, the man can either capture your brainwave or track the direction of your eye sight to figure out the number in your mind.

If you can figure out what is happening, leave a comment. :-)

2 Responses to “Read Your Mind”

  1. Adu Says:


    An interesting game. Well if you choose a two-digit number represented by 10a b, the calculation will lead to 10a b-(a b)=9a, which means you surely will get a number within {9,18,27,36…81}. Then check the symbol chart, all these positions have the same symbol…that’s the trick

  2. ET Says:

    How long did it take you to figure out the trick?

    Or, if I had not asked what the trick was, would you go for the secret behind it?

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