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Pic-A-Day: Scenes

Friday, May 8th, 2009 -- By ET



Pic-a-day: Lion Handle

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009 -- By ET


Web 2.0 Logos

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 -- By ET


Pic-A-Day: Roof

Friday, September 19th, 2008 -- By ET


Pic-A-Day: Palace Museum

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 -- By ET

It is renovated when I visited. But I could manage to get a picture like this.


Pic-A-Day: Lantern of Double Happiness

Friday, August 29th, 2008 -- By ET


Sara Schaefer’s Comments on the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008 -- By ET
I got a phone call from Jennifer after the ceremony, they watched the opening ceremony on NBC, and Olivia was so touched and started to cry. They were not alone, the following post from Sara Schaefer said it. I checked out the comments of her blog entry, many people said the same thing. How can I not be proud of reading all these?
Ah, she obviously forgot about the Olympics rings made up with many tiny stars:

CT Oly0808029.JPG

8 Opening Ceremonies Moments That Made Me Crap My Pants
By Sara Schaefer

OpeningCeremonies16.jpgDuring the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies, we witnessed the sheer power and brilliance of what it looks like when thousands of individuals come together for one purpose: to blow your f*cking mind. Throughout the event, I felt a mix of wonder, awe, surprise, joy, inadequacy, terror, and self-hatred – in other words, I was either whispering through tears “It’s just so…beautiful!” or I was sh*tting my pants.

I’ll admit it, it’s a little frightening to see what a country as big as China can pull off when they put their minds to it. I wondered what was responsible for such perfection: a culture of teamwork and self-pride? Or an authoritative regime with significantly more control over their people than we realized? Either way, I had a hard time imagining the U.S. pulling off something with such human precision, and half the time I felt like a fat, lazy slob. In the end, however, there’s no doubt, I’m JAZZED ABOUT CHINA! Who needs human rights when you can have human LIGHTS?

Here are the most pants-crapping moments from the ceremony:



…this is what it might look like. As 2,008 drummers beat on drums that were thousands of years old (outfitted with some space-agey lights), Matt Lauer noted that the men were told to smile, because they realized this could be mistaken for a Persian-Army-esque battle cry. MY FLAT SCREEN TV DOESN’T ROLL UP LIKE FABRIC


The ceremony featured several light displays, screens, and electronic surfaces that seemed to flow as smoothly as silk. The grandest of all these was a giant LED screen that unfurled like a scroll. Do you think Circuit City will be selling these any time soon? PIN ART ON A MASSIVE SCALE


Remember those little Pin Art things we used to stick on our faces? Imagine it the size of a football field. While watching this, I couldn’t tell how on earth they were doing it – it didn’t look real. It was too fluid for machines, but I couldn’t comprehend how people could be doing this. Given what we’d already seen, I should never have underestimated them. At the end of this segment, thousands of men popped out from the boxes, waving happily. MY CURVES CLASS COULD TOTALLY DO THIS


From above, the 2,008 men doing Tai Chi in unison looked like crop circles. Because let’s face it, only aliens could make circles this perfect. LITTLE GREEN MEN


These guys lit up like Peter Gabriel’s light bulb suit from the Sledgehammer video. They moved around the floor like swirling beads of water, eventually forming a beautiful bird. Then, they came together and formed a replica of the Bird’s Nest stadium, all standing on each other, for at least 3 minutes, while a small girl flew above them with a kite. Seriously, how did they HOLD THAT FORMATION for that long??? Communism, that’s how. THIS OAR ISN’T HEAVY AT ALL! SERIOUSLY, WE’RE FIIINE.


These oars were probably over 12 feet long each, but they waved them this way and that as if they were feathers. WHAT NOW? I KNOW! LET’S BRING OUT A GIANT GLOBE!


I kept wondering what the HELL was going on underneath the stadium – to house all these thousands of people, and giant structures like the globe. And I thought backstage at my college’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream was chaotic! Then, during the song, pictures of children from all over the earth appeared above and on umbrella-like things held up by another hoard of people on the floor. Was it super cheesy? Yes. Was I sobbing uncontrollably? Maybe. TINY EARTHQUAKE HERO + GIANT BASKETBALL STAR = HEART BONER


NBA star and Chinese Olympian Yao Ming walked alongside a tiny boy, who had not only survived the earthquake, but had saved two of his classmates from his school, where most of the children died. It’s just. Too. Much.Needless to say, it was a grand, beautiful, and inspiring event that I’m pretty sure made London say “Well, f*ck.”

More pictures:

OpeningCeremonies07.jpg The torch bearer shows us a new sport: fly-running! Also, note that this happened at the 4 and a half hour mark on my DVR. OpeningCeremonies24a.jpg Wouldn’t it be creepy if your saw yourself on one of those? OpeningCeremonies22.jpg The Tai Chi men do a move called “Collapse From Exhaustion.” OpeningCeremonies19a.jpg Last time you checked, little Fei Yen was in the backyard flying her kite… OpeningCeremonies17a.jpg I was at a party like this once in Prague. OpeningCeremonies15a.jpg I feel like I am at the Electric parade in Disney World! OpeningCeremonies13a.jpg Pop goes the army of two thousand men! OpeningCeremonies10a.jpg How did they know when to stand up, and just how high to go??? It boggles the mind. OpeningCeremonies11a.jpg At this point we heard the first of about 1 million references by broadcasters to the metaphorical “great wall” coming down in China. OpeningCeremonies08.jpg The torch burns bright, symbolizing China’s firey passion for perfection and pollution. OpeningCeremonies01.jpg We got the beat.
For some more pictures, check out BOSTON GLOBE.

Olympics Header Images

Saturday, August 9th, 2008 -- By ET

I liked the olympics opening ceremony last night.  In addition to the performances, I really enjoyed looking at the smiles on the athlete’s faces.

To celebate this great event, I have created a few header images for my blog. They have the dimension of 880×153. No particular reason to choose this resolution, it just evolved this way since I started to design this blog.  Here they are:








JIM Best Paper Award

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008 -- By ET

A pleasant surprise:


Past winners:
2007 Award for Best Paper in 2006
Bundling, Unbundling and Pricing of Multiform Products: The Case of Magazine Content by R. Venkatesh and Rabikar Chatterjee (20/2)
A Field Experiment to Assess the Interruption Effect of Pop-Up Promotions by Wendy Moe (20/1)
Designing Marketplaces of the Artificial with Consumers in Mind: Four Approaches to Understanding Consumer Behavior in Electronic Environments by Steven Bellman, Eric Johnson, Gerald Lohse & Naomi Mandel (20/1)

2006 Award for Best Paper in 2005
Can We Predict Customer Lifetime Value by Edward Malthouse and Robert Blattberg (19/1)
Who Are the Multichannel Shoppers and How Do They Perform? Correlates of Multichannel Shopping Behavior by V. Kumar and Rajkumar Venkatesan (19/2)
Collaborating to Create: The Internet as Platform for Customer Engagement in Product Innovation by Mohanbir Sawhney, Gianmario Verona and Emanuela Prandelli (19/4)
Consumers in a Multichannel Environment: Product Utility, Process Utility and Channel Choice by Sridhar Balasubramanian, Rajagopal Raghunathan and Vijay Mahajan (19/2)

2005 Award for Best Paper in 2004
Capturing Evolving Visit Behavior in Clickstream Data by Wendy Moe and Peter Fader (18/1)

2004 Award for Best Paper in 2003
Customers as Assets by Sunil Gupta and Donald Lehmann (17/1)

2003 Award for Best Paper in 2002
Intentional Social Action in Virtual Communities by Richard Bagozzi and Utpal Dholakia (16/2)

Pic-A-Day: Concord Obelisk

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008 -- By ET

This is the obelisk at the Place de la Concord.  It was a gift from Egypt to France in 1831.


Concord Obelisk

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