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The Myth

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 -- By ET

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My Myth


Many ions ago there lived a powerful and beautiful goddess
called Claudia. Claudia was gentle and kind and she lives in a village full of
gods that sat on top of a cloud which floated about in the turquoise blue sky.  Claudia was the goddess of weather so she
controlled the wind, sun and the clouds. Every morning she would go to the
middle of the village and make the sun rise, and then she would decide what
weather she wanted.


Meanwhile in the underground was Zeuseus, a big and evil dragon
with eyes as black as coal. Zeuseus lived in a castle that looked like haunted
house. Zeuseus was mad that no flowers ever grew in the underground even after
he planted some seeds because there was no water in the underground.


One day Zeuseus flew out of the underworld went to fly around
the forest he saw a poster stuck on a bark of a tree. On it said:


Servants needed, please call Claudia The Weather God at
456123789 or email a message before 30th January Thank You!


Just after Zeuseus read the poster on
the bark of the tree he reached out and grabbed the poster of the tree, and
flew back to his house.


When Zeuseus went back home he wrote down his evil plan to steal
the rain clouds from Claudia into his notebook this is what he wrote:

    Plan to steal the rain


Dress up as a god and call Claudia to say I take the job to be a

Then when she’s not looking I will coax the clouds to follow me
or I pretend I need to borrow the rain clouds but never give the rain clouds



When he finished writing his plan he stepped back to admire his
work then he remembered the purpose of writing the notes.


Zeuseus disguised himself with his magic, called Claudia and
flew of to Claudia’s palace in the village of gods floating in the clouds.


Zeuseus was warmly welcomed when he arrived at the palace, and
just as he hoped he was working in the room with the balcony where the rain
clouds hanged about and there were all asleep! Zeuseus couldn’t believe his


 When he made sure no
one was looking he changed back to his real form, grasped onto the clouds and
flew back to his underground home.


When Zeuseus got home he tried to make the clouds to do what he
wanted them to do but the clouds always refused and did the opposite of what
Zeuseus wanted them to do.


Just as Zeuseus was about to give up, a letter slipped in from
the Mail box hole, Zeuseus picked it up and opened it:


Dear Zeuseus,

I know that you stole my rain clouds and I would like to have
them back. You could borrow them for nine months if you would not cause any
more trouble with the weather.

Thank you!!!



Zeuseus wrote a letter back:


Dear Claudia,


I would not like to borrow your clouds because they wouldn’t
listen to me!!!!!!!!!!



After Zeuseus finished writing the letter he sent the clouds and
the letter to Claudia.


And that is how sunny days and rainy days were created.




Marshmallow Experiment: Deferred Gratification?

Sunday, May 16th, 2010 -- By ET

XX and WW are old enough for me to conduct scientific research on them now.

Today I did the famous marshmallow experiment: I gave them each a piece of gummy bear vitamin in the morning, and I told them if they can defer eating the gummy bear till noon, I’ll give one more piece.

According to the theory, kids with good impulse control would defer the consumption.  They generally show good academic performance in a later stage of their lives.  So I’m eager to see how my kids perform in this test.

To my delight, both kids chose to wait.  To examine whether their actions are consistent with their choices, I put the gummy bears on the table and said, I’ll leave them here, and you can take them any time you want, at noon, if I still see them, I’ll put one more for each of you.

Then XX immediately said: “Dad, I change my mind, I’m going to eat it now.” Hmm, that’s not what I expected, XX is quite smart and not bad in self control, if one of them would choose immediate consumption, she should not be the one.  She then said:”If I leave it here, mommy can eat it secretly. WW can also steal it.” Well, from my experience, these are indeed not impossible scenarios.  When I think about XX’s decision making process, I guess she outdid those kids with self-control, she could take potential risks into her consideration and make corresponding decisions.  Given the existence of the risks, it is indeed her best strategy to eat the gummy bear immediately. Getting one bird in the hand is indeed better than having two in the bush!


Thursday, April 5th, 2007 -- By Jade

一行人等放家在家, 除了小豆飞去了北京。 可是冻,冻死银了。 我现在手脚冰凉的敲着键盘,萱萱在睡觉。




一个月前偶们就热的半死,以致于我把过冬的衣衣通通收了起了, 以免长毛长霉什么的。




一周前,小豆还作摸着这夏天可咋过啊,才3月就热的浑身粘呼呼的了,对偶十分有意见道:我没有衣服穿啊(他其实是有穿衣服的),太热了, 我得去买衣服了!



萱萱倒是美滋滋的每天要穿dress 也没人栏着。


 薇薇呢,被可恶的蚊子在小胖腿上咬了数个包(这种蚊子咬的包巨痒无比,包是又红又硬的,一般也得痒至少两周)。小家伙没事想起来包来,就颠颠地去拿了药水,然后给偶,自己在躺在地板上,把个小肥腿抬的老高,小脚恨不得要伸倒偶得鼻子下了(如果有那么长的话)。小东西一只手用力的抓着包,另一只手不停的指指刚给偶的药水,再指指被自己抓的红红的大包,嘴里还的哼哼的示意着。虽然不会说话,可是已经表达的100%清楚了:那意思让偶给她涂药水。你要是晚了点,小同志会很着急的。当然也可以理解:是很痒的。 一天小家伙得想起这么几次来。我每次给她涂药得时候都看着她乐不可支:小样的,心里还挺明白,咬了包还知道涂药水。


前天,昨天,今天竟然降温降了15度。才13度, 这要是Eastgate都得来暖气了。哎哟, 可是冻死偶了。尤其是家里,特阴冷。翻出了几件衣服套着穿,手还是很凉。


萱萱连着咳嗽了几天,夜里也咳咳地睡不好,今天早晨还是满床打滚的边咳嗽边喊着:我太热了,我要穿裙子。 气得偶鼻子都歪了。好说歹说也不管用,只好威胁她,大小姐这才把嘴撅得跟小猪似的穿上了一裤子,有哭诉道: mama我痒,我穿的太多了,就混身痒。然后就浑身上下的抓。我这叫一个火冒三丈,对自己默念道:冷静冷静。然后恨恨的对她说道:那你就都去穿裙子好了,反正你咳嗽好不了,我就没法带你去海洋公园。你要是再喊再跺脚,你就3天不能看电视。管用!威胁是很管用的,总之小朋友虽然还是不乐意,心里还是想裙子裙子的,也就只能想想了。你说,咋办啊。我气的肚皮都要爆了。这五岁的小女孩咋这么难缠呢。

poor childern

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007 -- By Jade

萱萱的学校时常不短的进行些慈善捐款活动. 为了培养小同学们的爱心, 我每次也都要意思意思. 大概学校的老师也会趁此对小朋友们进行爱心教育.

上次学校举行春节party前, 萱萱很是严肃的对老妈偶说: 妈妈, you need bring some money with you to give those poor children. 他们很poor, 没有钱. 我只好连连称是, 你说难得娃娃有点这个同情心, 难得啊! 于是到处搜刮了翻零钱, 拿去给萱萱发善心.

春节时, 外公, 姨 和几个好友自然少不了给几个红信封,萱萱, 薇薇. 看到萱萱捧着外公, 姨给的大红包, 偶突然想起了poor childern. 于是对萱萱说: 萱萱, 你把你的钱给那些poor 小朋友好不好? 我满以为这么有爱心的萱萱一定会双手赞成的.  萱萱那着爱不释手的红包, 听了偶的话, 小脸儿立刻变的严肃了, 沉思片刻, 说到: 妈妈啊, 不行, 这是我的钱啊!

我顿时明白了, 只有妈妈的钱才可以那去发善心哦. 狡猾的小东西.

娃娃们的红包自然妈妈妥善的保管了. 过了着十天半个月想来她们也都记忆模糊了.

一日, 萱萱小姐在翻腾一本玩具广告. 突然跑过来, 指着广告上的一个玩具说说: 妈妈我要买这个. 我一看, 又是粉红色的小公主之类的玩具, 家里都已经一堆了, 自然不会同意了. 很自然的答到: 哎, 不能买啊. 家里已经有这种玩具了. 再说妈妈现在也没有钱啊. 萱萱显然有备而来, 说到: 妈妈, 那我的钱呢? 就是那天那个阿姨给的啊. 我当时就要晕倒, 看样小东西一点儿也不能呼悠啊, 人家心里门儿清. 于是只好清清嗓子, 开始长篇大论的给大小姐讲这个有钱要花到刀刃上的道理, 要买些有意义的书啊, 或着存起来啊 什么的. 反正这次是对付过去了. 不知道明年呢?

唉! 娃娃们的教育很是难啊.




Monday, February 26th, 2007 -- By Jade

萱萱这么大的孩子挺好玩的, 好象有一些不是秘密的小秘密. 总是说: 妈妈, 不能告诉你. 这是我的secret.

小女生爱美. 天天要求穿裙子. 我问萱萱: 你们班上小朋友有穿裙子的么? 萱萱小姐就会扭着说: 嘘..妈妈, 这是我的secret. 好了, 不让我问裙子, 那问别的. 我又问:萱萱, 你在学校吃的什么饭啊? 萱萱也会说: 妈妈, 别问了, 这是我的secret了啊. 总之, 每件事都是秘密, 你越想知道就越不告诉你.

昨天吃晚饭时, 小同学大概是在学校吃得好睡的香, 突然很神秘的很小声的对我说: 妈妈, 我有个secret告诉你, 不要告诉爸爸. 我一听受宠若惊啊, 立刻说: 我肯定不告诉爸爸. 小家伙清请嗓子, 照样很小很小声的趴在我耳边说: 妈妈, 今天好多男孩都要和我说话, 我太忙了, 只能等一下子才可以理他们. 真的,  你看, 我都没有时间和他们说话了. 我听完, 立刻要喷饭大笑, 萱萱一看我的表情立刻大声说: 妈妈, 不许笑, 这是个secret啊! 我立刻表情严肃的点头称是.

晚上萱有说了, 略带气氛的说: 妈妈, 今天Natasha说我ugly. 爸爸听了, 说: 那时Natasha不懂得美. 萱萱点头到: 嗯, 我才懂呢. 我都没有理她.   



Friday, January 19th, 2007 -- By ET


萱萱的袜子突然一起都不能穿了。 因为所有的袜子都是一次买的,才穿了3个月, 所有的袜子的口都一起松了。萱萱穿上没几分钟,两只袜子就会图噜到脚跟。

我一看,着随便在店里买的袜子质量不行啊。我就和小豆一起去了玛莎(一个在港的英国百货公司)给萱萱一气买了7双。 懒人么, 一天一双,可以一周洗一次了。玛莎的袜子还真多。看着这么多袜子,我又有选择困难了, 只好让小豆给他女儿挑袜子了。 小豆也不含糊,立刻觉定买一种都是镂空花的袜子。都是按包卖的,一包7双。 我虽然同意了,可是心里直犯嘀咕:萱萱会喜欢这种有洞洞的袜子么?可是既然连孩儿她爸都觉得好了,就这么着吧。

果真萱萱小姐一看,就不干了。死活不穿,说不好看。唉! 就为这袜子。。。。。。口水都说干了。为了赞美这几双袜子,爸爸妈妈,爷爷奶奶用尽了所有能够描绘袜子的美丽词汇,妹妹旁边还帮忙抱着袜子坐亲吻状,直到大小姐心不干情不愿的把袜子穿上了。




一个胆小的Fairy princess

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006 -- By Jade

昨天万圣节, 小朋友门又开始了一年一度的要糖活动. 我们这个萱萱啊,一个月前就选好了自己的costum. 让我叹气的是, 这位有主意的小姐又替自己选了一套粉色的fairy dress. 我跟孩儿她爸说: 难道, 咱家这个, 就不能当点儿别的, 有新意的什么么? 于是偶们两个就开始用尽各种理由想让她换一套衣服. 得, 凭我门磨破嘴皮, 人家大小姐愣是坚持要当fairy. 算了算了, 就这样吧.

6点种要糖活动准时开始了. 刚开始时我还打算一家人吃完饭再出发去活动. 没曾想, 饭还没准备好, 就来了两拨孩子. 只好领着急了的萱萱出门了.

萱萱这个看上去很强的小丫头, 想不到竟然在光顾了第一家后就要回家了.

“妈妈, 拉手.”

好了, 拉好手.

“妈妈, scared. 害怕. 咱们回家吧.”

我一想, 不行啊, 回去还有一家子人等着分糖呢. 唉, 这一年的收成, 就指着今天了. “别怕, 都是假的了.”

“妈妈, 有ghost, 我怕, 回家. 我不要糖了. 你看, 我已经有了” 小东西拎着自己的小南瓜袋子, 指着里面的3,4 粒糖给我看.

我拉着她继续往前走着, 边走边坐思想工作.

“不怕, 那些都是好的鬼”


唉, 用尽口舌也没讲清为什么.

到了第二家. 这家的门口还隆重布置过. 门上还挂着蜘蛛网什么的. 萱萱怯怯的竟然藏在我身后, 然后指使我去按门铃. 唉! 我这叫一个气氛啊. 自己从前天就惦记着出门要糖, 怎么就这么胆小呢.

门开了, 出来个带着个骷髅面具的人, 拿着一盆糖. 萱萱小姐见状,”啊………”大声惨叫. 声音又高又尖, 倒是把那个带面具的老哥吓个半死, 立码儿把面具摘了. 大小姐吓完了人, 又怯怯的从我身后钻出来了, 踮着脚,用一种及其虚幻的步子走到那盆糖前.然后, 大小姐又翘起小拇指, 仅仅用大拇指和食指夹了一块很小的糖出来. “Thannnnn… you” 又哆嗦着向人致谢. 面具老哥估计是给我们家这个小鬼吓着了, 立刻又抓起一把糖, 扔到了萱萱的南瓜袋子里.

Sigh, 真是厉害. 不知道的还以为我们家丫头也出来装鬼吓人呢. 看着萱萱, 我就想,这个小家伙什么时候才会大方点儿啊.

不过, 她这招儿还挺厉害. 回家时已经时满口袋糖了. 呵呵, 又有糖吃了.


Wednesday, August 30th, 2006 -- By Jade

的萱萱, 每天不停的唠唠叨叨。自打到了香港这个地界儿, 这个小萱萱啊真是每天都是high个不停,走路时 连蹦带跳,在不说话的情况下一般是自娱自乐的唱着自己编的小曲儿。有是我实在是听的烦了就会央求她不要唱了, 萱萱会睁着黑黑的大眼睛疑惑的问:为什么?妈妈? 我确实也说不出原因,有时也就由她去了。 要是有时实在烦的话就会放出狠话:妹妹在睡觉,不许唱了,想不想吃冰淇淋!◎#¥%。 往往用冰淇淋威胁她能达到事半功倍的效果,她能安静个十几分钟,我就可以烧高香了。

萱萱的小脑袋转的极快,而且 很想替自己遮掩或是开拓。可是她终究是个屁大个孩子,动的小思想总是被我们一举识破,博得偶们的大笑。一般情况下是这样的,萱萱总是先挑起话题:妈妈,吃 糖不好。我头也不抬的嗯一下表示赞同。 萱萱接着说:妈妈,糖吃了会牙痛。我说:对呀。萱萱看着玻璃柜子里的糖又接着咽口水说:妈妈,我吃糖不多。我说:是啊,你最乖了。最可笑的是萱萱这是会说 点看似不相干的事:妈妈,可是豆豆的牙有洞了,她吃糖多。我说:是啊,所以你就不要吃太多糖了。最后萱萱会说那句最没有因果关系但是最中心思想的话:妈 妈, 可是,我想吃糖◎#◎#¥%……※ 这个关于糖的经典对话有一阵几乎没2天重复一次,同样的开头,同样顺序和同样的结尾



“爸爸! 根本就没有大胖老鼠!”

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006 -- By Jade

爸爸妈妈们为了让小朋友们就范, 又不发生正面冲突, 总是要用一些很”聪明”的小技巧. 尤其是萱萱的爸爸, 最喜欢在小家伙偶尔不想洗脸的时候, 对小萱萱说: 小心, 你不洗脸, 大胖老鼠, 就想来舔你的脸了. 开始萱萱每每听到这话, 都急急忙忙的跑去洗脸. 然后她老爸就会在背后, 露出得意的笑容. 我呢, 就在旁边看着乐.这招, 她爸也用乐快半年了(自从薇薇出来后, 晚上给萱萱洗脸的任务就交给她老爸了), 几乎,每周说那么1,2次的样子. 可是大概3周前, 情况发生了变化. 又到洗脸睡觉的时候了, 萱萱又扭扭的不愿意了: 爸爸, 你会把水弄到我眼睛里的!@#$%%&^. 总之是不愿意了. 小豆又搬出了他的必杀器: “萱萱, 你看,你要不洗脸,一会大胖老鼠就@#$%^&^&&*” 总之又形容了一番被大胖老鼠舔脸的恶心事. 想不到萱萱同意去洗脸了, 但是, 小同学站在水池前, 很严肃的很郑重的对他还在暗自得意的老爸说: “爸爸, 根本就没有大胖老鼠.” 而且小同学还特地加重了说”没有”这两个子.我在旁边哈哈的大笑, 小豆尴尬的样子, 都不知道对他的宝贝女儿说什么了.呵呵, 大家就可想而知了. 大概就象樱桃小丸子一样, 小豆半边脸都是一道一道的灰印印.

看样子, 小孩子不好骗啊.


Thursday, June 22nd, 2006 -- By Jade

现在的小孩可是幸福啊. 才那么点大就上太表演了. 穿着纱纱的粉粉的芭蕾舞裙子, 梳着小小的发髻, 涂着红红的小嘴. 小小的ballerina们一个扶着前一个的腰, 在音乐中一摇一摆的上台了. 穿着粉粉的芭蕾舞鞋的小脚在台上左边点one, two ,three….ten下,右边点 one, two, three…ten下, 然后再举着小手跳one, two, three…sixteen. 一个个憨态可掬, 有的做了一半动作, 就忘了下一步的动作, 左看一下, 右瞧一下, 再接着做. 从来没有想过小胖子也可以跳芭蕾, 那个粉粉的胖胖的ballerina跳的最欢快, 也最高. 还有一个可爱的小家伙跳完了, 就坐在台上向台下的观众招起了手. 第一次看4岁的小朋友表演芭蕾, 真的天真可爱. 尤其看见我们的小萱萱也在台上一摆一摆的, 我恨不得泪花四溅. 萱萱一摇一摆上台时还排在第3位, 跳完了, 转了几个圈,就跳到了第4位了. 台下的爸爸妈妈,爷爷奶奶们, 外公外婆们都热烈鼓掌, 而且还喜形于色的样子.


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