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Professor Michael Zhang is a professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong. Externally, he is affiliated with MIT Initiative on Digital Economy and Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW).
He has a PhD in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management, an MSc in Management, a BE in Computer Science and a BA in English from Tsinghua University. Before joining the academia, he worked as an analyst for an investment bank, and as an international marketing manager for a high-tech company. He holds a US patent, a Chinese patent, and cofounded several companies in Social Networking (MITBBS, the biggest social network for Chinese in America) and FinTech (Super Quantum Fund).

Professor Zhang’s research interests are on issues related to creation, dissemination and processing of information in business and management contexts. His works study pricing of information goods, online advertising, innovation and incentives, and use of Artificial Intelligence in financial markets. His research has appeared in American Economic Review, Management Science, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, MIS Quarterly , Information Systems Research, Journal of MIS, Decision Support Systems, and Journal of Interactive Marketing.
He co-authored two books:
  • Navigating the Factor Zoo: The Science of Quantitative Investing, Routledge, 2025. (ISBN 9781032768410)
  • Digital Quantum Leap: Strategies and Tactics for Organizational Transformation, 2021. (ISBN: 9787111659600)
According to Google Scholar, his works have been cited for 10081 times, as of 2024-06-12.
He has been actively involved in professional services, including serving as Senior Editor for MIS Quarterly (previously Information Systems Research and Associate Editor for Management Science). He is now an independent director for NASDAQ-listed company Secoo and HK Stock Exchange-listed company Maxnerva.
His favorite movies are The Shawshank Redemption and Forrest Gump. His favorite cartoon character is Tintin.
His wife Jade runs the best Hong Kong Insurance information website in Chinese.

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  • 2017

    Chinese University of Hong Kong


    Business implications of Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning).

  • 2013

    HKUST Business School

    Associate Professor

    Interested in IT's impact on the financial market. Developed a research stream on FinTech.

  • 2006

    HKUST Business School

    Assistant Professor

    Worked on topics related to IT's impact on Marketing. Developed courses on Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Strategic Value of IT, and Research Methodology

  • 2019

    Super Quantum Fund


    Developing machine learning and financial mathematics models for asset management.

  • 2001



    It is one of the largest online communities for Chinese in the USA. Wall Street Journal reported this website in 2004.

  • 1999

    Dayang Image, Co., Ltd.

    International Marketing Manager

    Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning, Pricing...


  • 2000

    MIT Sloan School of Management

    PhD in Management

    Dissertation: Tapping into the Pulse of the Market – Essays on Marketing Implications of Information Flows

  • 1996

    Tsinghua University

    Master of Science in Management

    Dissertation: An Empirical Study of National Innovation Systems.

  • 1992

    Tsinghua University

    Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

  • 1992

    Tsinghua University

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in English



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Michael Zhang, Tao Lu, and Chuan Shi. Navigating the Factor Zoo: The Science of Quantitative Investing, Routledge, ISBN 9781032768410, 2025.
[Click Here to go to the book's publisher page]
[Click Here to go to Amazon's book page]
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[Click Here for the Working Paper Version]
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[Click Here for the Working Paper Version]
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[Click Here for the Working Paper Version]
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MIS Quarterly Paper of the Year Award.
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Work In Progress

Ning Jia, Sean Xu, Zhitao Yin, and Michael Zhang, "Investor Misreaction to Secondhand Information on Social Media: Evidence from a Wikipedia Experiment"
Ding Ma, Yingjie He, Yinghao Chu, Michael Saunders, and Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, "An Integrated Deep Learning Framework for Real-Time Air Pollution Control"
Tongda Zhang, Ding Ma, Michael Saunders, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, "Probing the Irrationality of AI: Experiments with ChatGPT"
Ding Ma, Tongda Zhang, Michael Saunders, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, "Innovating with Intelligence: Establishing An Institutional Protocol for AI-Driven Product Development"
Ding Ma, Tongda Zhang, Michael Saunders, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, "Transforming E-Commerce Analysis: An Inclusive Infrastructure and a Fast Search Algorithm"
Daniel Blaseg, Ehsan Bolandifar, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, "The Paradox of Budget Transparency: Budget Disclosures and Performance in Crowdfunding Ventures"
Sijia Ma, Chong (Alex) Wang, Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang, Tao Lu, "Facade of Trust: The Impact of AI-Enhanced Profile Pictures in Online Interactions"
Xingjin Chen, Yilin Li, Xiaoyu Xia, Sean Xin Xu, Xiaoquan Zhang, "Nonlinear Impact of Structural Diversity on User Engagement in Social Networks: Evidence from a Large-scale Field Experiment"
Li, T., Tang, Z., Lu, T., Zhang, X., "Propose and Review: Interactive Bias Mitigation for Machine Classifiers"
Han, M., Shen, H., Zhai, S., Zhang, X., "An Empirical Study of Algorithm-Induced Online Information Misallocation"
Pei, S., Zhang, Y., Feng, J., Zhang, X., "How Much Personalized Information is Necessary? Re-examining Personalized Recommendations in Consumer Purchases"
Sun, L., Chen, Y., Zheng, X., Su, M., Zhang, X., "Short-Term Cannibalization and Long-Term Loyalty Effects of Recommender Systems: Evidence from a Field Experiment"
Lu, T., Zhang, L., Zhang, X., Zhao, Z. "A Measure of Ambiguity with Application to Financial Market Uncertainty"
Kawamata, Y., Zhang, X., Akiyama, E. "Impulsive Equilibrium in Search-Engine Advertising"
Cheng, B., Zhang, L. and Zhang, X. "Uncertainty and Failure of Diversification"
Hu, M., Han, X., and Zhang, X. "Intensified Online Opinion Clashes with Salient Group Identity"
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Wu, W., Zhang, X., and Zheng, R., "An Empirical Study on the Monitoring Role of Wikipedia in the Financial Market."
Wu, W., Shi, W., Zhang, X., and Zheng, R., "Firm Performance and Information Dissemination: Evidence from Twitter."
Zhang, T., and Zhang, X., "Corporate Campaign Contributions and Political Favoritism."
Erik Brynjolfsson and Xiaoquan Zhang, "Producer Innovation Incentives and Revenue Distribution of Bundled Products"


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